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On-demand technical interview services for seamless candidate hiring.


Streamlined interviewing for small business.

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  • Junior to mid level nterviews
  • Comprehensive evaluations
  • Flexible interview scheduling
  • Integration with HR processes
  • Support, guides, and resources
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Enhanced interviews for rapid growth.

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  • Mid to advanced level interviews
  • Tailored role assessments
  • Strategic hiring insights
  • 24/7 priority support
  • Detailed interview reports
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Comprehensive solution large business.

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  • Industry-specific expertise
  • Comprehensive skill testing
  • Adaptable growth support
  • 24/7 dedicated support
  • HR workflow integration
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Your Questions, Answered

Why choose Empress for your technical hiring needs?

Empress is designed to seamlessly support your company's growth, offering scalable, customized interview solutions that ensure top-tier technical talent through rigorous, expert-led evaluations.

What does the Silver Plan include?

The Silver Plan provides streamlined interviewing solutions tailored for small businesses, including junior to mid-level technical interviews, comprehensive candidate evaluations, flexible scheduling, seamless HR integration, and support resources.

How does the Gold Plan enhance the hiring process?

Elevating the hiring experience, the Gold Plan includes mid to advanced level interviews, tailored role assessments, strategic hiring insights, 24/7 priority support, and detailed interview reports, ideal for businesses experiencing rapid growth.

What exclusive benefits come with the Diamond Plan?

The Diamond Plan offers a comprehensive solution for large businesses, featuring industry-specific expertise, comprehensive skill testing, adaptable growth support, 24/7 dedicated support, and full integration into your HR workflow.

Can I upgrade my plan as my company grows?

Yes, upgrading your plan is straightforward and can be done at any time to access enhanced features and support, ensuring your hiring process scales with your business.

What kind of support does Empress provide?

Empress offers 24/7 support across all plans, ensuring you have access to expert assistance and resources whenever you need, throughout the entire interview process.

How does Empress ensure the effectiveness of its technical interviews?

We leverage cutting-edge assessment tools and a specialized team of industry experts to conduct rigorous evaluations, ensuring candidates not only meet technical requirements but are also a cultural fit for your company.

Is there an option for more customized interview solutions?

For businesses with unique hiring needs, we offer the ability to tailor our interview solutions further. Contact our sales team to discuss a customized approach designed specifically for your company.

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