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Supporting the Those Who Serve Under-Represented Communities with Quality Education.

Introducing #TeachtheWorld for Non-Profits

At Empress, our foundational belief rests on the transformative power of education. It’s not only a means of personal growth but an instrument of global change. As part of our ongoing commitment to shaping a more equitable and inclusive world, we’re thrilled to introduce our #TeachtheWorld Campaign.

Helping those who help others

This isn’t just a slogan; it’s an embodiment of our vision for the future.

A Little Bit About Empress

Our journey began with a simple idea: making quality education accessible and interweaving it with environmental stewardship. Today, we stand as champions of this mission, working to bridge gaps and create sustainable learning environments. At the heart of our name, “”, lies a symbol of rapid growth and adaptability-the Empress tree-reflecting our ethos of evolving education. Paired with “.eco”, we showcase our dedication to ecological sustainability, representing our dream of an integrated ecosystem where education, technology, and sustainability harmonize for future generations.

Why #TeachtheWorld?

To the people championing the cause of under-represented communities: thank you. Recognizing the profound difference you make every day, we want to amplify your reach. That’s why we’re extending our services to provide instructional design expertise at only $1/month. Our community of educators is here to help craft course materials, training modules, and other vital resources to expand your impact.

Empress’s Education-as-a-Service (EaaS)

Empress’s Educaton-as-a-Service, or EaaS, is not only a service — it’s a revolution in education. Through our subscription model, businesses gain on-demand access to a community of educators and enjoy unlimited, flexible, and scalable access to custom-built training content. We’re incredibly excited to bring this service to nonprofits to help bring visibility to their work.

Apply to the Program

Are you a 501(c3) nonprofit passionate about universal education, sustainability, or digital literacy programs? We’d love to hear from you and support your goals.

Apply now and let’s work together to teach the world about your mission.

Spread the Word

If you know nonprofits who might benefit from this effort, use #TeachtheWorld on Twitter to tag those you believe can benefit from our support, and we’ll reach out to learn more and see how we can best support them on their journey. You can also message us at [email protected] or contact us via chat on our site at

Thank You

As we embark on our #TeachtheWorld Campaign, we eagerly anticipate the collaborations and transformative projects ahead. Your dedication and efforts inspire us daily. Together, let’s pave the way for a brighter, more educated, and inclusive future.

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