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Boost business growth through automated email outreach for qualified sales meetings.


In today’s competitive B2B marketplace, finding innovative and cost-effective strategies to generate leads is paramount. Many businesses rely heavily on traditional methods like SEO, paid advertising, and referrals which are often unpredictable and can become costly. We offer a transformative solution with our email automation service, Empress. This proposal outlines how Empress can reliably generate 5-20 qualified meetings per month for B2B businesses and agencies, driving growth and increasing revenue without the reliance on conventional lead generation tactics.

The Challenge

Many B2B businesses face similar challenges in their growth trajectories:

  • Reliance on Inconsistent Lead Sources: Sole dependence on word-of-mouth and referrals doesn’t guarantee steady growth.
  • Lack of a Systematic Approach: Absence of a structured method to generate leads results in missed opportunities.
  • Inefficient Growth Strategies: Time and financial resources are often wasted on strategies that do not yield proportional returns.

The Empress Solution

Empress addresses these challenges by introducing a robust, outcome-based email automation system designed specifically for B2B enterprises. Our service includes the following key components:

Guaranteed Qualified Meetings

Schedule more sales calls each month directly onto your calendar. These aren’t just any leads; they are pre-qualified meetings with stakeholders who have a high potential of converting, ensuring your time is spent on the most promising prospects.

Pay-Per-Qualified Call Pricing Model

Our unique pricing model aligns our success with yours. Payment is contingent on delivering qualified leads, ensuring that our service provides a positive ROI. You only pay for results, making our service a risk-free investment.

Continuous Optimization

Our team continuously fine-tunes your outbound strategies to improve key metrics such as open rates and reply rates. By adapting and optimizing email campaigns in real-time, we ensure sustained improvement in engagement and conversion rates.

Proven Track Record

Trusted by numerous B2B businesses and agencies, Empress has a proven track record of accelerating growth and generating substantial revenue for our clients through targeted, strategic email campaigns.

How It Works

  1. Initial Setup and Strategy Session: We start by understanding your business, target audience, and unique selling propositions. This information forms the foundation of the personalized email campaigns.

  2. Campaign Launch: Using advanced automation tools, we craft and send personalized emails to a curated list of potential leads. Each campaign is monitored closely to gauge its effectiveness.

  3. Lead Qualification and Scheduling: Responses are filtered and qualified based on predetermined criteria. Qualified leads are then scheduled directly onto your calendar as sales appointments.

  4. Feedback and Optimization: Post-campaign, we gather feedback and conduct A/B testing to optimize subsequent campaigns, ensuring better performance in future interactions.


With Empress, your business can transcend traditional lead generation limits. By partnering with us, you invest in a service that not only promises but also delivers growth. Let us help you scale your business aggressively, without the usual risks associated with new client acquisition strategies.

Next Steps

To discuss this proposal further and see how Empress can fit into your growth plan, we invite you to Contact Sales with us at your earliest convenience. Let’s explore how we can transform your lead generation process and dramatically increase your sales opportunities.

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